Attached, 2021

Video Performance, 12’03”
Reception Desk, iMac, Thonet S34 Chair

Flowers (mixed)
Flowers, Artificial Flowers, Glass Vase

Attached was shown as part of Ipso Facto, the graduate show of Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee. The installation consisted of Flowers (mixed) and Attached, a video performance shown on an iMac computer behind the reception.

Video performance, ‘Attached’, is shown looped on an iMac which sits behind the reception desk answering, questioning, complementing, critiquing. The viewer is invited to take the place of the receptionist, sitting down to view and observe the person speaking to them.

The artwork expresses duality: connection/disconnection, presence/absence, communication/miscommunication. Employing rhythm, repetition and onomatopoeia, the work explores  the possibilities within a simplistic, open language. The language plays with writing, re-writing, changing the meaning and understanding of what is being said. Relatable situations, work and life, failures and successes, which is it: either, neither, both? Or are all simultaneously true and false? The work oscillates between these states, flowing erratically through the role of the artist, curator, collector, lover, depressive. The shot changes in expression but the picture remains the same. Every statement is in itself a punchline and the repetition becomes meditative, melodic, captivating, annoying.


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